Nit Ninjas – Nit Treatment and Prevention

There is nothing more frustrating than spending your precious time and money treating your child for head lice, only to have them infested again a week or two later.

By using the combined approach of Treatment plus Prevention Nit Ninjas have discovered how to break the nit cycle and keep them away.

100% elimination of all louse and eggs with just one “K.O.” Treatment

100% protection against continual infestations with “Samurai Shield”

The main active ingredient in all of our products has 3 phases of attack giving head lice a zero percent chance of survival.

Phase 1 – Highly effective natural repellent
Phase 2 – By interrupting the breeding cycle, causing infertility so they can no longer reproduce.
Phase 3 – Inhibits their ability to feed causing death by starvation

Why Nit Ninjas?

Currently in Australia 1 in 4 primary school children have head lice at any given time.

Put simply, head lice are an Environmental Health Epidemic that can have a negative impact on the general health and wellbeing of a child. An infestation can cause extreme itchiness, sleeplessness, restlessness, irritability, poor concentration and lowered immunity.

Commonly used treatments are no longer effective as head lice have built up a resistance to them. This, combined with changes to school practices in recent years has seen an alarming increase in the number of head lice infestations in our primary schools. This figure will continue to rise unless something is done to break the cycle.

When our family was directly impacted we just wanted a cure. All we could find were ”band aids”. Wasting valuable time and money on ineffective treatments, spending hours removing every single nit only to have another infestation a week or two later was when everything changed.

For us it’s not just about selling another head lice product. By raising awareness through education and encouraging schools to work together with a “whole school approach” we aim to lift the social stigma and the apathetic attitudes in the community to help reduce the increasing number of infestations and keep it that way.

Nit Facts and Myths

Myth: Head lice prefer dirty hair FALSE!!
Fact: Whether your hair is clean or dirty,  it makes no difference to head lice.

Myth: Head Lice can jump from head to head!! FALSE!!
Fact: They have no wings or jumping legs. They are caught by close head to head contact.

Myth: Head lice can be caught from sharing hats, hair brushes and combs. TRUE!!
Fact: This is correct. They can be caught when using a friends hat, hair brush or comb who might have head lice.

Myth: Head Lice can be caught from the family pet. FALSE!!
Fact: Head Lice are a human parasite that will only survive with a human host.

Myth: Only children get head lice. FALSE!!
Fact: Anyone young or old can get head lice

Nit Helpful Hints and Tips

1. Keep long hair tied back and plaited. Keeping all loose fly away hairs pulled back can reduce the risk of catching head lice.

2. It’s best not to use someone else’s hat, hairbrush, comb, towel or scarf.

3. Wear a swimming cap to any school swimming event. Although it is not very common it is possible to catch head lice from swimming pools

4. Teach your children to use a nit comb every time they condition their hair in the bath or shower

5. It is not necessary to wash all bed linen etc for head lice infestations. Head lice die within about 24 hours without a human host anyway.