With the Health Departments recommendation of a “whole school approach”, we developed a program that addresses the issues attributable to the dramatic increase of head lice infestations in our primary schools today.

When a school works together as a community there are many benefits. Teaching our children the importance of teamwork creates unity, 100% participation increases the success rate, lifting the social stigma associated with head lice and negates the perception of apathy that currently exists in the school community.

By addressing the 3 key factors attributable to the head lice epidemic the perpetual cycle of head lice can be broken.

Firstly through education we can raise awareness, teaching children about head lice and introducing some simple do’s and dont’s which lessen the chance of catching head lice at school.

Secondly, having all students involved immediately eliminates the social stigma and the apathy associated with head lice. With 100% participation no student can be singled out and labeled and increases the success rate of breaking the cycle with everyone doing the same thing at the same time.

The third and final step is to be proactive. By implementing an effective preventative system into your school is not as hard as it may seem. Finally there is an answer for the continual re-infestation of head lice. Schools no longer have to sit back and watch this problem take over their schools. Regain the power by implementing a natural, effective preventative that works in conjunction with the already existing “No hat, no play” policy and watch the dramatic reduction in the number of incidence of head lice in your school. It is an unrealistic expectation to eliminate head lice for good, however taking steps to reduce the number of outbreaks demonstrates a duty of care in providing a safe, healthy environment for our children, giving your school a great reputation.

For any school that takes up the challenge of the “whole school approach”, orders of 70 or more will be sold at the wholesale price, giving the opportunity to raise money for their school while doing something good for the students and the community.